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The Canadian Animal Assistance Team is a volunteer-driven program. Our ability to provide veterinary services and education is entirely dependent upon the dedication and hard-work of our members. Our members assist in everything from fund raising, serving on one of our committees, assisting with promotion to donating their time and skill sets in serving on our animal health projects.

When we’re planning an individual project, we send out a notice to inform our members about the project. Interested members can then apply to be part of that team for that project.

Volunteers for our animal wellness clinic projects are responsible for paying for the total cost of their airfare to and from the project. If you have Aeroplan points you’d like to donate, or know someone who does, you can find more information here.

Typically, accommodation and meals are provided at no cost to the volunteers.

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Founded in 2005, in response to the overwhelming need for veterinary care in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, CAAT has expanded into an organization that now focuses on the veterinary services needed in under served communities in Canada and abroad.
With headquarters in Vancouver and in Ontario, CAAT members live and work across Canada. CAAT’s primary focus is on running Animal Health Care Projects in low-income communities with limited or no access to veterinary services for their animals.


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